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DanielPresident, Human Resources, Public Relations
As a League of Legends caster my career in the Luxembourgish e-sport scene started 2018. Ever since that first cast, I was hooked and wanted more. Together with the other people listed below we started Rift Entertainment to develop e-sport and revolutionize entertainment. This is a heart project to me, and I have no intention in stopping to work in this industry.
LoïcTreasurer, Administrative Work, Finances

Hello, Loïc here. Back in 2018, after my first caster experience alongside Daniel, I knew, that this was our calling. Being passionate about videogames, we created LRT, now known as Rift Entertainment. We have the privilege of doing something we love and are not ready to stop anytime soon, or anytime at all for that matter.

FrançoisSecretary, Tech & Broadcasting Department
Since 2013 I had a big interest in technology, especially TV broadcasting. With the founding of LRT I was able to create live broadcasts of e-sport events for the first time and kept improving the stream over the past two years. Now with Rift Entertainment I strive to bring the best quality content to all our viewers.
NoahMember, Event Administrator

In early 2019, i was asked by Loïc if i would like to try out League of Legends casting for LRT. Our goal back then was making e-sports more availabe to the players and creating a fun tournament for them. Over the last year, the e-sports scene has grown and so did we. We are proud to announce that Rift Entertainment is our way of making gaming and e-sports more available to the players, with whom we share the passion of gaming.

LucaMember, Webdesign
I always wanted to help out my friends with LRT since we share the same passion about gaming and League of Legends. With RIFT Entertainment I saw the opportunity to finally get involved by building this website. As a Member of RE and as an IT technician I will give my best to improve our services for you.

I'm a supporter and member of RE since their beginning and I am convinced of their potential in making an important contribution to the development of esports in the grand duchy. By taking on/fulfilling the role of an esports manager for a luxembourgish league of legends team and winning the title during the first tournament by POST Luxembourg, I was able to become an active part of the national gaming scene.

As a passionate gamer and founding member of Nocturnal E-sports it delights me to witness the growth of the luxembourgish gaming and e-sport community over the past few years. As new member of the Rift Entertainment family, I am thrilled to work on future projects and dedicate myself, besides playing games, to making the gaming community thrive and blossom in our beloved little country.