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My Name is Daniel. And I’m handsome, that’s all there is to say, right?

Just kidding. My career as a League of Legends caster started back in 2018 when I casted the Luxembourg Gaming Xperience together with my best friend Metus. It was our first casting experience and since then we were hooked. Shortly after that, we wanted to be part of the developing e-sport scene and we established our own little association, that has now grown into Rift Entertainment.

It has always been my dream to do more than just cast League of Legends and now with Rift Entertainment’s creator program and a bunch of creative and innovative people in my surrounding I am finally able to start realising more and more projects. So what can you expect from me?

I will stream every other evening with lots of content variation. We will play different games, interact or simply hang out and just chat, whatever suits us best at that moment. Honestly it is meant to be a stream of pure creative freedom and fun. So I hope to see you next Time on my Twitch stream! Check out my Social Media for Stream Announcements

My YouTube channel is very important to me. I have so many ideas for cool video concepts and I want to bring as many as possible to fruition. However, I will not yet commit to an upload schedule as I also have to work on lots of other fronts to further build up Rift and if I release a video, I want it to be high quality stuff, you will actually enjoy watching. So head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on any of the great stuff.

While I want to start my creator journey, I don’t forget where my roots are. It all started with casting League of Legends, which I still love doing and where I still have a lot to master as well. So make sure to like my Facebook and Instagram pages if you don’t want to miss out on any of my casting experiences and a little more insights on my daily life.

A few last words on my name choice: Yes Daniel is my real name. No I don’t think I am super handsome. I am just riding on the meme wave here, that was started during the 2020 POST eSports League finals, where people randomly started complimenting me on my looks in chat (the internet can be a wholesome place sometimes). Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my body and the way I look, but I would humbly describe myself as an average looking guy. Except in a suit… but let’s be honest, who doesn’t look good in a suit, right?