Rift.lu is now live!

We are proud that our Website is finally live. Rift.lu is your one stop go to place if you want to find the latest news about the e-sport and gaming scene here in Luxembourg and the greater region. You will be able to read through the latest results from all the local cups, tournaments and leagues. Learn more about all the work Rift Entertainment does, may that be our in-house events, partners we work with for their respective events, creators we support or the services we can provide to your company or association.

However, as our website just went live, please understand that we still work hard to implement new features to make the experience for you even more enjoyable. We also ask for comprehension that we have a lot going on right now and new articles will not be released regularly yet.

Additionally, we are always looking for new writers and editors for our news articles so if you are interested in research and gaining experience in editorial work in the e-sport realm, feel free to contact us via e-mail: contact@rift.lu.