Rift Hoodie - Limited Offer!

On the 23rd of January we unveiled ourselves to you and revealed our new face. Our brand new logo was also to be seen on the hoodies we wore during the stream and quite a few of you seemed to really like it, so we’re about to deliver!

We are taking in orders for the hoodies and it’s very simple! All you have to do is write to us and tell us your size so we get that right for you. Maybe you want a perfect fit in order to show off the great looks of the hoodie or maybe you want it one or two sizes larger in order to comfortably bask in it’s soft inside material.

The hoodie has the full Rift Entertainment logo on the back and our reduced stylised logo on the front. It’s got the signature Rift Entertainment red on black fabric, a perfect color combination that is most enjoyable to watch and also to wear!
The price is set at 45€, of which 40€ are the production costs with just a little bonus on top that goes towards achieving our goals as Rift Entertainment and making even cooler content for you all to enjoy. In order to make an order you can message us on Facebook or fill out this form. Don’t forget to give us your size when ordering!
We take orders until 14.02.2021, making this is a limited offer! So don’t wait too long before making up your mind!